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Introducing Lightning Strike

Hey guys. So last week we hit a bunch of sci-fi and comic cons around Dublin’s city centre and while we were there, the guys from Boomstick came along to check things out and films a few VT’s.

Here’s the first of our videos from that week, starting with some of the guys at Dublin’s Toy and Comic Mart. Hope ya like it!


Lightning Strike – Irish Comic News

Hey guys,

Just a short post on how we got featured in on Irish Comic News for the second time in 2 weeks. Here’s a link to their article on our Promotional Campaign.


A number of our artists/writers even got nominated for ICN awards and we’ll post a full list once I get my hands on it.

Stay tuned because we’re also looking for have our first promo video up online by tomorrow morning.

Brian Boru

Richmond Clements is writing an Irish historical epic based on the story of Brian Boru with art by the wonderful Cormac Hughes. Here’s an example of some of the illustrations. You can check out Richmond’s blog at http://richwriting.blogspot.com/

Also, thanks to everyone who dropped by to our table and panels at Octocon and Dublin Toy and Comic Mart last weekend. We hoped you liked what you saw and we promise much more in the future. Stay tuned to the site for some videos from the con which should be up within the week.

Art by Cormac Hughes

Dublin Toy & Comic Mart – Happening Right Now!

Hey guys,

We’ve literally just finished up our panel discussion at Dublin Toy & Comic Mart in Wynn’s Hotel on Lower Abbey St, and we’ll be here all day!

Come join us and get a chance to talk to the writers, see the artists work and check out our merch and sketches. Photos from so far are up on our Facebook page and you can see them all here.

Don’t forget we’ll be at Octoton tomorrow from 10am at the Camden Court Hotel. Looking forward to seeing y’all

The Lightning Strike Crew

Canon Law

Written by James Looney and illustrated by Rob Carey, Canon Law is a comic y’all should be dying to get your hands on! We decided to tease you a bit with this one so here’s some fantastic artwork by the very talented Mr.Carey. Be sure to check back here later on this week to see some exclusive plot details about this story and don’t forget that we’ll be at Dublin’s Toy and Comic Mart this Saturday (15th Oct) at Wynn’s Hotel, and Octocon this Sunday at the Camden Court Hotel. Hope to see you there!


Written by Chris Duffy and illustrated by Shane Roban, Draculwing is yet another exciting story you guys can look forward to seeing more off. Click below to see some of Shane’s brilliant work on the lead character, Grail.

Draculwing – Plot Synopsis

In a world overrun with demonic forces, a lone warrior takes it upon himself to end the threat once and for all. Equipped with only his trusty Draculwing Blade, Grail must reach his king before the demon prince, Blazebrood does and vanquish the foul beast once and for all. The lengths he will go to will surprise even Grail and the origin of the Draculwing myth will be told and place the set pieces for future stories to be released unto the unsuspecting public.

Promo Stuff!

Hey guys! So this is a pretty big week for all of us here in Lightning Strike HQ. We’ll have Doc heading over to the States to big us up at New York Comic Con, while the rest of us will be working away at home getting ready for this weekend. On Saturday 15th October, we’ll have a booth round at Dublin’s Comic and Toy Mart at Wynn’s Hotel on Lwr Abbey St, and on Sunday 16th October, we’ll be hosting a small panel at Octocon, Dublin’s premiere annual sci-fi and convention being held in the Camden Court Hotel. We’ll be selling merch, doing sketches, answering questions, the whole shabang, so be sure to pop along if you’re free.

In the meantime, here’s a promo flyer designed by Eddie McElroy for the magazine featuring the lead characters from some of the stories you’ll soon be reading about in SHOCK!