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Queller – Plot Synopsis

‘Queller’ is the name of an upcoming title in our anthology written by Dan Wright. Here’s a little teaser of what the plot will be like. Enjoy!

‘Queller’ by Dan Wright
In the far reaches of the galaxy, many solar systems are falling prey to the vile Saevitian Empire. Under the command of Empress Saevitia, this evil empire seeks one thing and one thing only – complete and utter domination of the entire universe. To combat this, a scientist of Eden VII developed (in secret) a suit of armour to help combat the Empire. This suit was known as The Queller Armour, a suit that contained all manner of  weaponry that made it a weapon of mass destruction. But the Empire became aware of his plot and came to steal this armour. But the scientist sent the armour through a time portal so that it would not be taken. For if this fell into the wrong hands, then the destruction that could be caused would be beyond imagination.Sadly, that’s exactly what happened.Falling through the time stream to the planet Earth, it ended up in the arms of Gary – a slacker and half-wit. Bonding with the armour, Gary now has endless power at his disposal. So he does what any normal person would do – decides to become a superhero. He uses his powers to save the common man and fight evil. There’s only one problem, he sucks at it and often causes more damage than good!Now with the empire hot on his tails, his life is about to get a little more complicated!Follow Gary’s adventures in this humorous series that parodies many of the science fiction and superhero stories we have come to love. Will Gary be able to stop the Empire? Can he learn to use the suit? Or will he just blow everything up? Let’s hope not the latter!
Check back soon for more content and artwork!

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