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Interview with Dan Wright – Writer of ‘Queller’

So a few days ago, our illustrious leader Eoin interviewed DanWright, writer of soon-to-published Lightning Strike story, ‘Queller’, with art by Ger Hankey. Check it out below.

1.) Lightning Strike: So Dan what got you so interested in writing comic books?
Dan Wright: Actually, my main area of writing is novels primarily. However, I did used to read a ridiculous amount of comics when I was younger and did actually write a script for a comic book –which sadly never saw the light of day. But I am interested in the concept of writing a comic, it’s completely unlike writing a movie or a novel as you’re relying on still pictures to tell the story and quick paced dialogue. You need to take into account space on the page and what each image should convey, so it does require a lot of discipline and visualisation. But it’s fun at the same time and I hope to do more of it in the future.
2.) L.S.: Do you follow any particular process when composing a script or coming up with a story idea?
D.W.: Not really – although I do like to plan out the story arc and characters first before sitting down to write it.Because my main love is for Fantasy and Superhero type fiction, I tend to draw on a lot of influences from within that area and apply certain aspects to whatever story I happen to be working on. Of course, you still need to make it your own story!
For Queller, I knew I wanted to do a superhero type story – but try and inject a bit of humour to it. These days, Superhero stories tend to be a little dark and rather depressing, but I kinda prefer the campy nature of earlier stories. Queller was my attempt at injecting a little humour within the Superhero genre.

Queller Page 1 Line Art

3.) L.S.: What was it like collaborating with Ger Hankey as artist on this story?

D.W.: Ger has been amazing! He has a very cartoony sort of art style that fits perfectly with Queller and really adds to the humour of the piece. It also helps that he seems to like the project and likes the same things that I do. He’s also full of ideas himself so he can put his own spin on this story and add his own stamp to it.
What I love most about his art style is the expressions of his characters – especially on the Queller. No matter what, I always seem to chuckle when the Queller pulls a face, Ger is able to capture the humour perfectly. He’s a fantastic artist and I’m pleased to be working with him on this.
4.) L.S.: How did you feel when you first saw the finished story?
D.W.: I was just blown away by it! In fact my first thought was “this is from MY idea?” It’s one thing putting your ideas on paper – it’s another entirely seeing the finished project. I’m really excited about it and I hope that others will feel the same when the read it!
5.) L.S.: What do you think makes Queller so unique as a character?
D.W.: Unlike most other superheroes,he isn’t doing it because of some personal tragedy, or because he feels it’s his responsibility to protect the world – but because he’s living his dream. He’s being a superhero just because he wants to. But he doesn’t realise that there is a lot of hard work that has to go through it. And because he’s given an alien technology that he doesn’t understand, he usually ends up causing more destruction than good!
To be fair to him, he’s living out every kid’s dream in being a hero. I kinda see him as a kind of “Frank Spencer” sort of hero. He means well, but because he underestimates his own powers, the results are usually more hilarious than heroic.
6.) L.S.: Do you have any future comic projects in the works at the moment?
D.W.: Not really. However, I do have a couple of Fantasy novels out at the moment (one of which included some Manga style artwork), with more to follow in the year. However, I do have some ideas that could be turned into comics in the future – it’s just a question of deciding how to make them work and finding the right artist for them.
7.) L.S.: What can readers look forward to in future stories about Queller?
D.W.: In the next story I intend to introduce the villains of the piece. As the story progresses we’ll learn more about the Queller suit and why it was created. But also we have some huge battles coming up with the baddies. I won’t spoil anything beyond that – but suffice to say, anyone who’s seen the show Megas XLR will know the kind of fights to expect!

Reality Watch – Art and Synopsis

Written by Stephen Carey and illustrated by Rob Carey, Reality Watch is a supernatural thriller we’ll be releasing as a bonus online story in the digital version of the magazine. Here’s a synopsis of the plot plus some promotional artwork from our much-anticipated new story.

Reality Watch

Every so often reality glitches or malfunctions and must be repaired. Reality Watch is a group of people in charge of fixing these glitches which can range from anything like a man who can now fly, to a giant praying mantis becoming president of America. Nate Quinn is the man Reality Watch send in to use his powers and undo these mistakes. 

 Nate is one of the few people born different from everyone else. He was born with the potential to bend reality to his will in almost any way possible. However, this ability can only be unlocked by the Reality Watch team if they choose to do so. Although Nate has the ability to manipulate reality, he must always put things back the way they were. In addition, Nate can’t manipulate reality the same way too often or reality becomes confused, so for each mission he must come up with new ways to use his powers. If Nate ever abuses his ability, it will be taken away from him and another candidate will be chosen.

Artwork by Rob Carey

A Clockwork Universe

Here’s some exclusive artwork from another one of our projects. Ciarán Marcantonio & Cormac Hughes are the duo behind this steampunk styled time-traveling epic. We’ll be releasing a plot synopsis and maybe 1 or 2 snippets of the original script later on in the week, so keep checking back!

A Clockwork Universe


A Clockwork Universe

Queller – Plot Synopsis

‘Queller’ is the name of an upcoming title in our anthology written by Dan Wright. Here’s a little teaser of what the plot will be like. Enjoy!

‘Queller’ by Dan Wright
In the far reaches of the galaxy, many solar systems are falling prey to the vile Saevitian Empire. Under the command of Empress Saevitia, this evil empire seeks one thing and one thing only – complete and utter domination of the entire universe. To combat this, a scientist of Eden VII developed (in secret) a suit of armour to help combat the Empire. This suit was known as The Queller Armour, a suit that contained all manner of  weaponry that made it a weapon of mass destruction. But the Empire became aware of his plot and came to steal this armour. But the scientist sent the armour through a time portal so that it would not be taken. For if this fell into the wrong hands, then the destruction that could be caused would be beyond imagination.Sadly, that’s exactly what happened.Falling through the time stream to the planet Earth, it ended up in the arms of Gary – a slacker and half-wit. Bonding with the armour, Gary now has endless power at his disposal. So he does what any normal person would do – decides to become a superhero. He uses his powers to save the common man and fight evil. There’s only one problem, he sucks at it and often causes more damage than good!Now with the empire hot on his tails, his life is about to get a little more complicated!Follow Gary’s adventures in this humorous series that parodies many of the science fiction and superhero stories we have come to love. Will Gary be able to stop the Empire? Can he learn to use the suit? Or will he just blow everything up? Let’s hope not the latter!
Check back soon for more content and artwork!