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Lightning Strike Presents #1 Cover Revealed

Hey guys.

So in case you haven’t seen it already, here is the official cover of Lightning Strike Presents… #1.

Lightning Strike Presents #1

Based on the story Monkey of Oz by Liam Browne and Daryl Cox, this beautiful cover was done by Oisin Roche. Its been a hectic few weeks for us here at Lightning Strike so we’d like to think everyone for their unending support, in particular,  @FPDublin @SubCitycomics & @TheBigBang_ (who you can all follow on Twitter) so sharing our poster’s in their shops and to ICN and Comic Buzz for posting about the cover.

We’ve also got some more news regarding this summer’s conventions, which you can read about by clicking here.


Winner Announced!

Hi guys,

So first of all thank you to everyone who voted. We were receiving them in the hundreds and it was amazing to gauge the response and support from all of you guys reading this. Also a massive shout-out to the guys iver at Irish Comic News for helping us out with the competition. So without further ado, we here at Lightning Strike are proud to announce that the winner of our poll and story arc featuring on the cover of our first issue of ‘Lightning Strike Presents…’ is:

Monkey of Oz! Written by  Liam Browne with illustration by the very talented Daryl Cox. 


Now that we;ve decided which of our heroes will be gracing the cover, the last thing left to choose will be which of our amazing group of artists will get the privilege to draw to him. We will of course update you as soon as we know for sure, but in the meantime, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for regular updates.


Monkey of Oz

Monkey of Oz is written by Liam Browne and drawn by Daryl Cox. This will be available early next year and printed in the anthology which you will be able to hold in your actual hands! Click below to see an image of Daryl’s flying monkey.

Monkey of Oz Plot Synopsis

Our story is set in the Land of Oz, in the western country known as The Vinkus, or Winkie Kingdom. Dorothy Gale, Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman & the Cowardly Lion have travelled there at the behest of the great & powerful Wizard of Oz. Their goal: to end the evil reign of the Wicked Witch of the West. Enlisting the help of the townsfolk, Dorothy & her companions stage an uprising.

The Wicked Witch’s troops are caught completely off guard! Try as they might, the Armed Guard & Winged Monkeys alone are unable to quell the rebellion, so the witch deploys her most feared combatants, the Warrior Monkeys. This troop of primates, highly trained in a variety of martial arts disciplines & ruthless in their methods, aim to stem the rebel tide by any means necessary. We follow this battle from the perspective of Monkey, one of the elite warriors.

Their success will see the Wicked Witch maintain her grip on the citizens of the Winkie Kingdom. Their failure will mean the end of her tyrannical reign.

Who will be victorious, & what will become of those who fail?

Art by Daryl Cox