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Promo Stuff!

Hey guys! So this is a pretty big week for all of us here in Lightning Strike HQ. We’ll have Doc heading over to the States to big us up at New York Comic Con, while the rest of us will be working away at home getting ready for this weekend. On Saturday 15th October, we’ll have a booth round at Dublin’s Comic and Toy Mart at Wynn’s Hotel on Lwr Abbey St, and on Sunday 16th October, we’ll be hosting a small panel at Octocon, Dublin’s premiere annual sci-fi and convention being held in the Camden Court Hotel. We’ll be selling merch, doing sketches, answering questions, the whole shabang, so be sure to pop along if you’re free.

In the meantime, here’s a promo flyer designed by Eddie McElroy for the magazine featuring the lead characters from some of the stories you’ll soon be reading about in SHOCK!