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ICN interviews Rob Carey about Reality Watch & The Lightning Strike Anthology

So a few days ago our good friends over at Irish Comic News interviewed our very own Art Director, Rob Carey. Rob has been with Lightning Strike since its inception and has been working creating the phenomenal artwork you’ll be seeing in two of our most hostly anticipated stories, Reality Watch and Canon Law.

Check out the interview by clicking the link below:


Reality Watch - illustrated by Rob Carey



Canon Law

Written by James Looney and illustrated by Rob Carey, Canon Law is a comic y’all should be dying to get your hands on! We decided to tease you a bit with this one so here’s some fantastic artwork by the very talented Mr.Carey. Be sure to check back here later on this week to see some exclusive plot details about this story and don’t forget that we’ll be at Dublin’s Toy and Comic Mart this Saturday (15th Oct) at Wynn’s Hotel, and Octocon this Sunday at the Camden Court Hotel. Hope to see you there!

Reality Watch – Art and Synopsis

Written by Stephen Carey and illustrated by Rob Carey, Reality Watch is a supernatural thriller we’ll be releasing as a bonus online story in the digital version of the magazine. Here’s a synopsis of the plot plus some promotional artwork from our much-anticipated new story.

Reality Watch

Every so often reality glitches or malfunctions and must be repaired. Reality Watch is a group of people in charge of fixing these glitches which can range from anything like a man who can now fly, to a giant praying mantis becoming president of America. Nate Quinn is the man Reality Watch send in to use his powers and undo these mistakes. 

 Nate is one of the few people born different from everyone else. He was born with the potential to bend reality to his will in almost any way possible. However, this ability can only be unlocked by the Reality Watch team if they choose to do so. Although Nate has the ability to manipulate reality, he must always put things back the way they were. In addition, Nate can’t manipulate reality the same way too often or reality becomes confused, so for each mission he must come up with new ways to use his powers. If Nate ever abuses his ability, it will be taken away from him and another candidate will be chosen.

Artwork by Rob Carey